Hublot have teamed up with Ferrari to become their official timekeeper. Over the past couple years we have seen some Ferrari inspired watches from Hublot, but none quite like this one. The La Ferrari was presented at Baselworld 2013 and is certainly a jaw-dropping piece, just like the cars.

The MP-05 La Ferrari looks very much like an engine from a Ferrari supercar. It also looks like something you’d find in a sci-fi movie. The watch itself was developed in conjunction with Ferrari when they developed their amazing La Ferrari supercar. The most notable feature of this watch is it’s 50 day power reserve. Yes, 50, that was not a typo. 50 days is an absolute achievement from any watchmaker thanks to the 11 barrels. How do you wind a 50 day power reserve watch do you ask? Certainly not manually via the crown as this would easily turn the winding process into a bore. As a result, Hublot have come up with a winding tool reminiscent of the air powered impact guns that are used to change wheels.


La Ferrari winding tool

This watch is luxury on another level. Free of diamonds and fancy golds, the La Ferrari is part of Hublot’s Masterpiece collection that is reserved for the most special of their pieces. This watch is limited to 50 pieces. The movement is an in-house Hublot HUB9005.H1.6  made up of a staggering 637 components with 4 tourbillons vertically stacked on top of each other. Much of the dial is opened to showcase Hublot’s expertise. On the face there is a rotating cylinder to for the seconds, while the hour and minutes are displayed by rotating anodised black aluminium barrels.  Opposite to this is a similar set up for the power reserve indicator.


La Ferrari “dial”


How 637 pieces fit together

The case if made of titanium and coated in matte black. There are some carbon fiber accents on the case itself obviously borrowing some design cues from the car itself. The curved crystal is a work of work as well, allowing the “engine” behind the watch to be always visible. Again, just like Ferrari’s cars. Is this the most practical watch? perhaps not. The dial can be difficult to read and the watch’s size can be a little daunting to some. However, when was a Ferrari supercar ever practical? The same applies here. This is a statement watch, a piece of master craftsmanship that has passion and excellent engineering behind it.

Priced at CHF300,000 (approx AUD$310,000), you could buy a Ferrari or the Hublot La Ferrari. Which would you choose?