Continuing from our watch winder guide, we step it up a notch and look at some amazing safes from the German luxury brand Döttling. These are not your average safes, but beautiful pieces of craftsmanship and technical ingenuity. Beware, thieves will want to take both your watches and the safe itself.

Ersnt Döttling (the great-grandfather of the current CEO) first set up his locksmith shop in Germany in 1919 in the area where Mercedes-Benz and Porsche also set up their factories. Since then, generations of Döttling men have shaped the company to be one of the premier safe manufacturers for many global customers. Their safes are very unique in the market and are not only a demonstration of their technical know-how but also their artistic and design capabilities.  According to, they still work very traditionally by hand and their locksmithery is built on over 100 years of knowledge and experience.

The Döttling Liberty safe starts at around $30,000 and allows you to keep three watches safe and wound. Unlike the exposed and barren steel monstrosities out there, this one is wrapped in calf leather and lined with beautiful quilted Alacantara inside. You can find them in three sizes, from 55 to 95cm tall and they are available in the VdS1 security classification, but can go to VdS2 and VdS3 if required. VdS1 security is for protection against short hammers, chisels, screwdrivers and short crowbars whereas VdS3 covers power tools, jack hammers, basic diamond disc cutters and thermal cutters.

We really like the colour scheme as it is very Hermes like. The lock is an electronic high-security combination lock but they can also upgrade to a biometric fingerprint lock if required.


Liberty safe

 The Colosimo by Döttling is another technical masterpiece. Priced at $23,800, this safe is named after the boss “Big Jim” Colosimo who dominated Chicago after the departure of Al Capone. It is a replica of a bank vault from the Prohibition period as is used as table-top safe. It contains 32 cogs and 16 locking bolts spanning the circumference of the locking door. This mini vault is opened by a three digit combination. Döttling is able to customise the  body of the safe to your heart’s desire. You can get a carbon finish or cover it in the finest calfskin leather.


The door of the Colosimo


 Opening up the Colosimo

After passing the three digit combination lock and opening the Colosimo door, you are able to admire the intricate locking mechanism. There are 16 hardened steel locking bolts and gold plated gear wheels which control the movement of the locking bolts. Inside, Döttling can provide a watch winder or cigar humidor depending on what you want to keep in there.


Hardened locking bolts and gold plated gear wheels

Inside the Colosimo (can house a winder for 3 watches)

The Morphosis is a premium watch winding safe. When you enter in the code on the touch panel, the safe ‘morphs’ and presents the watches to you. The main center cylinder turns to reveal your watch collection. There are two 21-watch winders in this safe and each winder is individually programmable by an integrated touch panel. Again, Döttling can cover the Morphosis in carbon fiber, ray skin, fabric, fur or leather. On top of this, it also has an integrated sound system that can be controlled by your smartphone. Expect the price to be around the $200,000 mark.


The Morphosis watch winding safe

Lastly, we look at the nautically inspired Gyrowinder. This isn’t a safe but is an example of the level of detail that Döttling put into their creations. This engineering masterpiece looks like it came out of a sci-fi movie and was inspired by Markis Döttling’s visit to the Kennedy Space Center. The selling point of the Gyrowinder is that it winds the watch in all directions, including a complete rollover. If you thought Orbita was onto something good with their ‘Rotorwind’ technology, the Gyrowinder definitely takes it to the next level. Most winders wind the watch on the one axis, however the Gyrowinder does it on multiple. You are able to adjust it in many ways and it can be made to suit your watch through a system of counterweights to ensure it is balanced in the winder.


Watch the Gyrowinder in action below:

Döttling are definitely in a league of their own when it comes to security, ingenuity and design. They defy the form-over-function image by producing something that is both pleasing to the eye yet secure and functional. The local Australian stockist of Döttling is Vendome.

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