You may have seen these designs on Instagram or other watch sites and thought they were interesting. Seven Friday’s P-line of watches are very interesting, we’ll explore some of their pieces and would be interested in hearing from our readers what their thoughts are.

Seven Friday, who are based in Zurich, are a relatively new brand to come onto the watch scene, and they certainly have made a strong impression on watch aficionados out there. What stands out the most is their unique and eye-catching design. Dan Neiderer, a fellow watch geek is their founder who launched the Seven Friday brand in 2012. His motto is to make every day like a Friday, to seize the day, hence the name Seven Friday.


The SevenFriday P2

At this current time, Seven Friday has 3 models to choose from. The P1, P2 and P3. Each is modelled off the same design but incorporate different case and dial materials. The industrial inspiration gives the watch a modern appeal. The case is a large 47mm which is venturing into the larger Panerai territory although is not as thick, and it definitely has a strong wrist presence. Seven Friday have done well not to go any larger. The shape is quite a retro styled and all three watches are made from stainless steel. The P1 having a traditional 316L stainless case, P2 with a medium grey PVD treatment, and P3 with full black PVD.


P1 (left) and P2 (right) side-by-side

We believe that the strongest point of these watches is their multi-layered dial. The layers give off a three dimensional feel and almost act like a skeleton watch, allowing you to admire the inner workings of the watch without having to turn it over. This dial is certainly unconventional as the three discs displaying hours, minutes, seconds and a GMT actually rotate in the watch. Starting on the outside you have the minute track, as you work closer to the center the dial drops down a level with a smaller hour hand. The is a small rotating seconds disc on the lower right side and another rotating disc that represents the GMT time at the 45 minute marker. On the bottom left is the cage over the balance wheel. Overall it works well and the dial is quite cutting-edge.


The p1’s dial with its layered design

There is a brushed steel plate that has the Seven Friday logo. The black semi-circle fills the void but only has hour markers from 11 to 3pm. It’s incomplete as it doesn’t have the rest of the hour markers but it isn’t necessary to have them to read the time. Because the discs rotate, the hands themselves don’t actually move. The hour hand is a different colour and considerably smaller than the minute hand, however still legible. Tiny fixed hands on the dial point to the GMT and seconds discs.

The P1’s case is a mix of a silver bezel with a slightly blue hued silver around the case itself.  The P2 has a dark grey bezel with a warm grey finish. It is also finished with some pearlage on the inner silver ring. Finally the P3 has a black PVD all-round with a lined pattern around the case, almost like tire treads. Flip the watch over and there is a steel plate giving you some basic information about the watch. For example, its water resistance rating to 3 atm.


Race inspired P3

The strap is calf leather, measuring 28mm at the lugs and then tapering down to 24mm. The buckle colour matches the watch case. The P3 uses perforated leather to add to the racing inspired appeal of the watch. The watch comes in a unfinished wooden box and a sliding lid, almost like a shipping crate and hence adding to the industrial feel of the watch. Inside the watch rests on a snug egg-carton-like material. The rest of the packaging contains the metallic warranty card, instructions, stickers, and a microfiber cloth.


SevenFriday shipping ‘crate’

All 3 models are powered by the Miyota 82S7. Not a Swiss movement unfortunately but a 21-jewel automatic Japanese (made by Citizen) movement. Why? We suspect it is to keep the costs down for the market and put more focus on the watch design and concept rather than the movement. Accuracy is rated -20 to +40 seconds per day with a power reserve of just over 40 hours. Nothing spectacular but you’re not buying this watch for its movement. Some more details on the movement can be found here


Not well finished, but that doesn’t matter here too much

Prices are start at  AUD$1,200 for the P1 (thanks to the Japanese movement). Fantastic for a ground-up designed watch that works around the movement. We love the packaging provided also. Clearly, a lot of effort went into designing this unique package.

So, “thank god it’s Friday (TGIF)?”, certainly. Although we wouldn’t buy one personally as it’s not a watch we could pull off wearing, we believe this watch has huge appeal to many. At its price point, you’re buying a unique, bold, nicely crafted and an eye-catching piece. You’ll certainly get asked by many people what watch it is.

Unfortunately there are no stockists in Australia, but you can order online. Want to try the watch on? Print this template out and try it for yourself.


P2 wrist shot

SevenFriday promotional video