Limited to 25 pieces, this creation by Romain Jerome will certainly turn heads. For those obsessed with space travel and moon expeditions, this one might be for you. It may be the next best thing to travelling to the moon.

If the $USD115,000 price tag does not phase you, this watch will entertain the kid in you that has always wanted to be an astronaut. The steel case is made from the Apollo 11 spacecraft, and inside it contains genuine moon dust as well. Named the Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter, Reference RJ.M.TO.MO.001.01, this watch certainly looks out of this world. The rectangular case is quite hefty and large being 48.5mm in width and 20mm thick. Ignoring such heft, there is just so much detail in the case itself that has prompted us to write about this watch.

Check out the unique screws. Now you thought Hublot had a unique looking screw, Romain Jerome takes it to the next level. Moving further you’ll find that the “pneumatic” lugs of the watch case are actually mini shock absorbers that move and adjust as the watch is worn. Unfortunately we cannot test this, but have been told it provides an ideal fit for its owner. The case has a mix of mirror polished surfaces, mixed in with brushed steel and also a satin effect.


Almost robot-like lugs and fancy screws

Now onto the dial. It has a laser cut moon crater texture on it on a sunburst dial. The large satin brushed “X” breaks up the watch where you’ll find a flying tourbillon on the left side and the time telling dial on the right. The numbers on the dial are cut out of the dial itself while the red tipped hands make for easy reading. Finally, the power reserve indicator can be found on the bottom of the dial with the amount of power left falling between the “+” and”-” indications (42 hours).


Textured dial and power reserve indicator at the bottom

The flying tourbillon definitely stands out and there definitely is no missing it. It’s obvious from the front, the side, and from behind. Romain Jerome definitely wanted to show off this feature. Beat at 28,800 vph, the movement isn’t as beautiful as say a Patek Philippe or A. Lange, but certainly unique and eye-catching.  Through the case back the moon theme is further emphasised with the stars and moons engraved into the back of the movement.


The flying tourbillon

RJ-Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter Limited Ediiton case back

The caseback with a small window on the side of the case

The Romain Jerome Moon Orbiter is certainly for a niche market. It’s a demonstration of the heights modern watchmaking can get to. This piece is rather large and will definitely have over-bearing wrist presence. However, like other watches such as those from MB&F and Urwerk, people don’t buy these kinds of watches because it wears nicely with a suit and under a cuff, these are unique statement pieces with lots of ingenuity behind them.