Alongside the genius watchmakers of Patek Philippe sits a marketing team that has swayed many of us aficionados to take the plunge and purchase a Patek Philippe watch. The modern “Generations” campaign certainly knows how to tug at the right emotional strings.

If over 70 patents, a history dating back to 1839, and a superb line of exceptionally engineered and executed timepieces is not enough, purchasing a Patek Philippe is also something that you should do for your family. The marketing punchline is wrapped up in two sentences:

You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation

You never own a patekPatek magazine print campaign

In more recent times, luxury brands are marketing themselves as a timeless lifestyle choice, not purely as a product orientated brand. This is a fine example of this method in practice. Given that luxury watch purchases are not an everyday occurrence for many of us, why choose anything other than a Patek Philippe? Certainly there are other choices, but if you’ve been hooked on the magical two sentences, you’ll find it difficult to choose something else.

Whether or not you need to justify a Patek Philippe purchase, it certainly makes it easier when you think of it as an item that will hold or appreciate in value, and will continue to be a prized item for the future generations of your family. If my father or grandfather were to pass on a watch to me, whether it’s a simple Casio or a complicated Patek, it would definitely be a special item that will always be treasured. However, if it’s a Patek Philippe, there is another level of appreciation there.

You never own a patek3Patek Advertisement

I certainly fell for it. Of course, it makes it all easier knowing that I will look after this special piece, and hand it down to the next generation.

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