Patek Philippe have certainly outdone themselves this time. The Ref. 6002 is one of Patek Philippe’s most complicated wrist watches. Minute repeater, perpetual calendar, retrograde date, moonphase, astronomical complication, the list goes on. We take a deeper look into this masterpiece and find out why we would never wear one.

The Sky Moon Tourbillon is undoubtedly going to be Patek’s ‘top-of-the-range’ watch. The Ref. 5002 was launched in 2006 and this newer version is the latest incarnation of the hugely admired 5002. Looking back at the 5002 it had a minute repeater with cathedral gongs, a tourbillon, perpetual calendar and a retrograde date and moonphase. The 6002 steps it up a notch.


Front dial with apertures and cloisonné enamel center

The 6002G (G for white gold) has 13 complications and two dials. The major difference on the dial with the 6002 is that it has apertures (cut out windows) for the week, month, and leap year. We actually think this gives the piece a more refined look as opposed to having hands signify these values. What you probably noticed though is the extravagant case.


Extraordinary case molding and engraving

The case is carved from a single white gold block and in true Patek style, done painstakingly by hand taking over 100 hours to complete. Patek describes it as:

“eloquent ornaments, arabesque garlands, and gently curved elements of the Calatrava cross are produced with chip removal techniques using sharp burins that not only incise the precious metal but actually “lift” the decorations out of the gold surface.”

Basically, the master artist uses a chisel and precisely cuts out pieces of the white gold in order to leave behind a work of art. Pretty much everything is engraved, the minute repeater slide, the crowns, the buckle, even the hands.


Absolutely love the engraved detail on the crowns. Yes two crowns.


On the dials you’ll see blue enamel used extensively. You can see the cloisonné technique applied in the middle of the front dial. Cloisonné enamelling on watches is a technique that only a few have mastered and involves laying fine gold wire to outline the design on the dial and then filling it with different shades of enamel and firing it at over 850 degrees Celsius to produce the end result. Flipping it over, the lunar disk is done using the champlevé technique whereby the dial is carved in and filled with enamel.


Champlevé enamelling on the astronomical side

686 components make up this watch and it is 12.6mm thick. This is quite an achievement considering how complex the movement is. Expect this watch to easily sell for over $1 million and it would not be surprising to see the price of this watch rise over time for its owners. This masterpiece should be very rare considering only two 5002’s were made each year.

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Unfortunately the movement is hidden from view

So why wouldn’t we ever wear one? Firstly, this piece will only be offered to Patek’s top clients. You can probably count these people on one hand. Secondly, it is too much of a technical masterpiece. We would hate to knock the watch against anything given the effort involved in carving the case. Finally, we just can’t see ourselves pulling this piece off. However at the end of the day, if you are lucky enough to be offered one and bought it, I don’t think you would care.