Video: Thierry on Minute Repeaters

Minute repeaters are the darling complication in the watch world. Admired by all watch aficionados but only attainable for some given their high cost. Thierry Stern, Patek Philippe’s President, makes a point to listen to every minute repeater produced by the manufacture. Thanks to Revolution Magazine, Thierry talks about his [...]
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Video: Patek Philippe – Birth of a legend

This video hopefully summarises in 9 minutes what goes on behind the scenes of the most prominent watch manufacture today. Starting from drawn designs, through to being vetted by Thierry Stern himself, to making the baseplate and other components, hand-finishing and assembly. You’ll get some insights to the high tech [...]

Patek’s most complicated – the Ref. 6002

Patek Philippe have certainly outdone themselves this time. The Ref. 6002 is one of Patek Philippe’s most complicated wrist watches. Minute repeater, perpetual calendar, retrograde date, moonphase, astronomical complication, the list goes on. We take a deeper look into this masterpiece and find out why we would never wear one. [...]
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Watches as an investment

Watches are an investment. There we go, I said it. However, whether or not watches are a good investment is a hotly debated topic. To many watch aficionados we would like to think so, however the reality can be alarmingly different. The definition of an investment according to Investopedia is: in·vest·ment [in-vest-muh [...]

Basel 2013: Patek Philippe Highlights

Basel 2013 was another event that many Patek Philippe enthusiasts were waiting for. Patek may have disappointed some as it was focussed on slight variations to existing models. Nonetheless, they unveiled some very nice models such as the 5227 Calatrava, a new 8-day Gondolo, and a variation to the popular [...]
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Watch Buying Guide

Unless you own a yacht and bathe in Cristal champagne, buying a luxury watch is a large purchase and should be considered very carefully. Prioritise your requirements and take your time. Perhaps we can help make the journey a little easier. New vs. used I’ll go into the arguments for [...]
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Patek Philippe: Marketing Masters

Alongside the genius watchmakers of Patek Philippe sits a marketing team that has swayed many of us aficionados to take the plunge and purchase a Patek Philippe watch. The modern “Generations” campaign certainly knows how to tug at the right emotional strings. If over 70 patents, a history dating back [...]