Celebrating 50 years of the Rolex Daytona, Rolex have released an all-platinum Daytona with a brown ceramic bezel and ice blue dial. Much to the demand of its loyal followers, they’ve also released an interesting two colour bezel for the GMT-IIc.

The platinum Daytona is certainly a striking piece. It will appeal to some but I don’t think to all. The Cerachrom bezel in brown is a strong contrast to the ice blue dial. Perhaps a black and brown combination would have been nice. Even a black bezel, black chronograph highlighting and a white dial. Despite the rumours, not much has changed when compared to the current Daytona lineup. It sticks to the 40mm size and carries the same movement.


Platinum Daytona

Next up, the iconic GMT-IIc. This piece will certainly draw the attention of collectors worldwide. The difference here is the two colour Cerachrom bezel. For many years since the introduction of the GMT-IIc, collectors have been longing for a two colour bezel. This is driven by the love of the previous “Pepsi” (blue and red) and “Coke” (black and red) models with the aluminium bezels. The Rolex fanatics have already started to come up with names such as “Bruiser” or “Batman” for the black and blue combination.


The older Rolex GMT-II “Coke”


The older Rolex GMT-II “Pepsi”


The 2013 Rolex GMT-IIc

Finally, the other piece of interest is the stainless steel Yacht Master II.


Yacht Master II

Some true Rolex fans will be disappointed by this year’s line up, however, this is Rolex’s style. They keep the changes very subtle and minimal year to year. Some believe this is not the right strategy, however, this slow evolution certainly gives Rolex watches their distinctive look and feel without deviating from their heritage.

We welcome you comments on the 2013 Rolex novelties.