Grail #1: The Patek 5270G (001 to be specific)

Patek Philippe perpetual calendar chronographs are one of the most sought after and collectible timepieces. Famous pieces such as the Ref. 1518 and 2499’s commanding $1 million and above, it’s pretty easy to see why enthusiasts are so eager to seek Patek’s perpetual calendar chronographs. The 5270 succeeded from where the 5970 [...]
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WIS: Watch Idiot Savant

You may have heard of the term WIS before when attending watch gatherings or reading through forums and blogs. The definitions are varied but essentially it means are you a watch nut, nerd, fanatic or aficionado. Let’s take a deeper dive into what being a WIS is. WIS: Watch Idiot [...]

Video: Thierry on Minute Repeaters

Minute repeaters are the darling complication in the watch world. Admired by all watch aficionados but only attainable for some given their high cost. Thierry Stern, Patek Philippe’s President, makes a point to listen to every minute repeater produced by the manufacture. Thanks to Revolution Magazine, Thierry talks about his [...]
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A new Panerai every day

Strap changes on a watch can completely transform the look and feel of a watch. A myriad of strap suppliers allow Panerai owners to feel like they have a new watch every day simply by changing the strap. We’ll look into some examples in this post. As promised from my [...]
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Watch Winder Guide: Round and round we go

There are some fantastic watch winders out there on the market. They can start from $50 all the way to $100,000. Sometimes beyond this as well. We’ll take a look at some winders on the lower end and then work up to the superbly crafted and engineered show pieces. What [...]

Watches as an investment

Watches are an investment. There we go, I said it. However, whether or not watches are a good investment is a hotly debated topic. To many watch aficionados we would like to think so, however the reality can be alarmingly different. The definition of an investment according to Investopedia is: in·vest·ment [in-vest-muh [...]

Watch Buying Guide

Unless you own a yacht and bathe in Cristal champagne, buying a luxury watch is a large purchase and should be considered very carefully. Prioritise your requirements and take your time. Perhaps we can help make the journey a little easier. New vs. used I’ll go into the arguments for [...]
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