Watch shock protection basics

Paraflex, Incabloc, Diashock, KIF: one of these is bound to be inside your watch and their main aim is to protect your watch from shocks. Let’s take a look into what they are and how they work. The balance wheel is one of the most critical parts of a mechanical [...]

WIS: Watch Idiot Savant

You may have heard of the term WIS before when attending watch gatherings or reading through forums and blogs. The definitions are varied but essentially it means are you a watch nut, nerd, fanatic or aficionado. Let’s take a deeper dive into what being a WIS is. WIS: Watch Idiot [...]

Omega’s Co-Axial Movements

Co-axial watches are those that feature a co-axial escapement. Friction is the enemy for a mechanical watch as it reduces efficiency and stability. Co-axial escapements are a low friction alternative to the traditional Swiss lever design and has been used widely in the Omega lineup. What is an escapement? The [...]

Video: Making of an AP Royal Oak Dial

The tapisserie dial on a Royal Oak is a demonstration of how age-old techniques are still able to produce beautiful pieces of art. The video by Audemars Piguet here shows exactly how they manufacture their Royal Oak dials. An impressive process. TheĀ guillochage work done on the Royal Oak series watches [...]

Glossary of Watch Terminology

The world of horology is filled with many terms. On top of that, watch aficionados seem to have their own lingo as well. We hope we can clarify some of this for you. Adjusted: If a watch is ‘adjusted in 5 positions’ if it has been rated in at least [...]