Linde Werdelin is an upcoming manufacture that has a growing niche following. Much like how the Paneristi follow Panerai very closely, many watch aficionados are keeping a close eye on this collection of beautiful pieces. Let’s take a look into what the fuss is all about.

In 1996, Jorn Wederlin, an experienced mountaineer and skier, was skiing in the Swiss Alps when bad weather took him down the wrong route and down a cliff. Unfortunately, Jorn broke his back in this incident but it inspired him to create a digital instrument that would help a skier or diver get the appropriate information when out in the field. In 2002, he partnered with Morten Linde to create a sports watch that combined analogue and digital while still delivering great form and function. Morte Linde is an accomplished designer and his resume consists of award winning pieces such as audio systems. Morte’s view is that it is easy to make something look good, however difficult to make it a time lasting object. The result of this partnership was Linde Wederlin.


Jorn and Morte at work

Linde Werdelin watches are a combination of watches and instruments. This makes Linde Werderlin pieces true sports watches. It is a marriage of Swiss craftsmanship and Danish design. Their watches are very modern and functional. Their case designs are particularly unique and we are big fans of their seamless strap fitments. Although the watches are not completely in-house, they are technically brilliant watches that are a welcome change to the designs and concepts from other manufactures.


Shaping the skeleton case


Spido case


Hand finished


Linde Werdelin case assembly

Linde Werderlin produce two variations of watches. One is known as the Spido and the other is the Oktopus. Their movements are all custom made to suit the watch casing. The Spido’s case is crafted like a skeleton and each case is finished by hand. It has a race car inspired frame as much of the case body is drilled out to keep it light while keeping the ‘chassis’ strong and robust. The case itself is an engineering achievement.

The SpidoLite II in Titanium Blue is a limited run of 75 pieces. At about $11,500, the Titanium Blue definitely makes an impact. The LW04 caliber 2251 automatic movement is adorned by an LW logo on the rotor and all screws are made of blued steel to give it a very modern look. The dial is made of two layers with the bottom having Côtes de Genève finishing and the upper dial accenting the orange. The case is made of titanium, adding to the robustness and light-weight appeal of the watch.

linde_werdelin_spidolite_ii_titanium_blue_face_1The SpidoLite II Titanium Blue
LW04 caliber 2251

 The wrist shot shows how appealing this watch is

Next up in the line is the Oktopus II. It comes in a variety of case materials such as titanium, rose gold and ceramic. The Oktopus II watches are dive watches and offer great water resistance as they are designed like an air tight pressure chamber. The case has a central movement chamber and is surrounded by 4 case parts. The bezel is fixed to the main chamber and then the top, bottom, and side pieces are fixed to the main case.

The Oktopus II Rose Gold is priced at about $23,000 and features a rose gold bezel that contrasts with the titanium case. The movement is a LW finished Dubois Dépraz automatic that powers two large date wheels. We like the detail on the crown that has an engraved image of an octopus and the caseback engraving is a sketch done by Morten Linde himself.

As with the Spido series, the dial is made up of two layers and is very legible. The upper level is cut out like a stencil with the 3, 6, and 9 indexes in superluminova. The lower dial is finished with circular Cote de Genève to give the effect of water ripples. Two laser-cut wheels at 11 and 1 o’clock are used to represent the date. The movement is a caliber 14580 that has been custom made with the help of the Swiss Dubois Dépraz who specialises  in calendar wheels.


 Oktopus II Rose Gold


Oktopus II caseback


Wrist shot showing depth of the dial

As mentioned, Linde Werdelin also make instruments to help skiers and divers. First up is ‘The Rock’ for the skiers out there. It provides its user data about different temperatures at various altitudes and alerts the user if the temperature falls below below -12° C (which is frostbite territory). It also features a 3-axis compass and a chronograph. To set themselves apart, it includes an inclination sensor with avalanche warnings and shows weather trends.

rock_naturalThe Rock: a companion for all skiers

We then have ‘The Reef’. This is a diver orientated instrument filled with various sensors providing a compass and alarm system for its user. It is essentially a dive computer that is able to monitor depth, ascent vs. ideal ascent rates, dive time, decompression stops, temperature, timers, interval times etc. This is a full featured diving tool that logs all the vital data and can retrieved and analysed on a computer.

reef_naturalThe Reef: a must-have for all dive enthusiasts

Local stockists for Linde Werdelin are Cool Time Equity based in Perth.

Cool Time Equity
Level 1, 9 Frobisher Road
Osborne Park
Telephone: (08) 9380 9733

We recommend exploring Linde Werdelin’s line of watches. They are a small brand but have grown substantially over the past two years. Their watches are rugged statement pieces that will appeal to many sports watch fans. We’d much prefer for their watches to be made completely in house, however we are sure they will get there one day. After all, Panerai started in a similar fashion and look where they are now. These could be the future vintage collectibles of our time.