We were so wrong: the Patek 5004T

A couple months ago we posted about the one-of-a-kind Patek 5004T and mentioned that it would be a great investment piece. We said that it would easily reach over $1 million at the Only Watch charity auction.Well, what did the hammer fall on? A little over $4 million. The anonymous buyer [...]
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Titanium Patek 5004T: A guaranteed investment piece

When Patek announced their entry into the Only Watch 2013 auctions, our jaws dropped. Ther Ref. 5004T is certainly a collector’s piece. A perpetual calendar with a titanium case is a rare combination. Only Watch is a charity auction that is held bi-yearly in Monaco with entries from numerous manufactures [...]
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Watches as an investment

Watches are an investment. There we go, I said it. However, whether or not watches are a good investment is a hotly debated topic. To many watch aficionados we would like to think so, however the reality can be alarmingly different. The definition of an investment according to Investopedia is: in·vest·ment [in-vest-muh [...]