Mission Impossible: Becoming a one-watch man

Our horological journey evolves and changes over time, as we ourselves evolve and change. Our tastes, interests, personal circumstances and depth of our pockets to fulfil the insatiable thirst are constantly changing. It’s only natural that our watch collection also changes. Not long ago I pondered whether I could be [...]
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Watchonado’s Basel 2017 Top Picks

Basel 2017 has finally come to an end. So much hype and anticipation was put into this event, especially after the stunning pieces coming out of SIHH 2017. Now it was the turn of the non-Richemont manufactures to really strut their stuff and show off what has been hiding under [...]
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Baselworld 2015: It’s a wrap for another year!

Baselworld 2015 came and went pretty fast as it always does. This year, it appears that the attendance from the media was up, and slightly down from the retailers. What’s surprising though from other commentators is the suprising number of younger enthusiasts who visited this year, especially after the famed [...]
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Baselworld 2014: Finally a new Pepsi

Fresh from Baselworld 2014, Rolex has unveiled what many were waiting years for. A remake of the classic “Pepsi” GMT Master II. We like it! Although it is a shame it only comes in a white gold case. This will make it out of reach for many unfortunately. More Baselworld [...]
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John Mayer: a serious collector

John Mayer is another musical talent that is a serious watch collector. Putting aside all the controversy over the years, we’re big admirers of his watch collection. Let’s have a look into his collection and how it’s different/similar to Eric Clapton’s. John is a huge watch aficionado, so much so [...]
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Eric Clapton: a serious watch aficionado

Eric Clapton is not only a music legend, but also avid watch collector. He is best known for his collection of rare Patek Philippe and Rolex watches. Let’s take a look what some key pieces from the 3-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s collection. Apart from being one of [...]
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Watches as an investment

Watches are an investment. There we go, I said it. However, whether or not watches are a good investment is a hotly debated topic. To many watch aficionados we would like to think so, however the reality can be alarmingly different. The definition of an investment according to Investopedia is: in·vest·ment [in-vest-muh [...]

Review: Rolex GMT-II Ceramic

Most watch aficionados would have owned a Rolex at least once (or perhaps multiple times) in their watch collection journey. When looking for my second watch I immediately started browsing the Rolex corner of my local authorised dealer. Not long after, I walked out with yet another shopping bag. With [...]

Basel 2013: Rolex Releases

Celebrating 50 years of the Rolex Daytona, Rolex have released an all-platinum Daytona with a brown ceramic bezel and ice blue dial. Much to the demand of its loyal followers, they’ve also released an interesting two colour bezel for the GMT-IIc. The platinum Daytona is certainly a striking piece. It [...]
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Rolex – House of Secrets

Most of us know what a Rolex watch is, but little know what happens in the Rolex manufacture (factory). This manufacture is clouded in secrecy and high-tech security. It is very private and never discloses any figures. It even houses its own gold foundry and produces its own lubricating oils. [...]