URWERK have always been pioneers in modern watch design. Recently, their think tank known as U-Research Division announced they will be releasing the URWERK EMC watch, with accuracy being its mission statement. Aficionados have labelled in, the “mechanical smart watch”.


The initial EMC design concept

The core of the system is the EMC (Electro Mechanical Control) that tells you how accurately the watch is running and whether timing adjustment is required. The reference for accuracy is a 16,000,000 Hz electronic oscillator allows you to tell whether the watch is gaining or losing time. Conveniently, on the back of the watch is an small screw that allows you to fine-tune the rate on the watch.

For those that are fans of bleeding edge design and ingenuity, and are constantly timing their watches, the URWERK EMC is your watch. No need to send your watch back to the service center if you’re unhappy with gaining 3 seconds per day, simply adjust the watch yourself. This is a one-of-a-kind implementation, we haven’t seen this done by any other manufacture before.


A quick reference guide to the EMC

Most of our watches are regulated before leaving the manufacture. Watchmakers adjust for watch positions (face up, face down, crown side down etc) and also various temperatures. They then adjust the watch to the most suitable setting that works across all these factors. However over time, as with anything mechanical, it will require a service adjustment.

If accuracy is a concern, why not get a quartz watch. Quartz watches are easily twice as accurate as the best mechanical watches. We’ve covered this before but there is just something unique and special about hundreds of small pieces (some of which can only be seen under a magnifier) working in unicen. The URWERK EMC allows us to keep our love affair with mechanical watches going, but helps to achieve super accuracy as well.

The movement holds 80 hours of power and beats at 4 Hz (28,800 bph). It is manually would via the crown as with traditional mechanical watches. We love the integrated winding handle that folds from the case and allows the user to easily generate enough electricity to power the precision indicator. Why? well what fun is having a mechanical watch that has a battery in it. The button on the left then activates the precision indicator where an optical sensor times the rate of the balance and tells you how fast or slow the watch is running.

PR 003.idw

Design blueprint of the optical sensor


Rear view with the integrated handle

Just because it has a rate monitoring mechanism and you can adjust the timing doesn’t mean that URWERK have not tried to ensure that the watch is super accurate. The balance wheel is made from ARCAP, a non-magnetic corrosion-resistant mix of copper and nicket. It was designed to minimise amplitude loss. Then there are two power barrels mounted on a single shaft to ensure that the power is consistently delivered to the watch. The large case is made of titanium and steel but is only 15.8mm thick.


The URWERK EMC movement, unlike others in so many ways

Latest gossip is that URWERK will only produce 55 of these initially, and pricing will be around the AUD$140,000 mark.